Acro The Artist

Artist - Acro The Artist

Musical Genre - Rap/Bar Jammer

Home State - San Antonio, TX. 


Acro The Artist, knew at a early age he wanted to pursue entertainment. Growing up he was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson and boys to men. He played the baritone all through high school. He started his producing career by writing sheet music for his high school band to play at football games. In 2011 he joined the US Navy and committed to five years stationed at Port Hueneme, Ca. In 2016 he honorably resigned from the navy and began his search to find himself and a place within entertainment. In 2018, Acro discovered his love for calisthenics and fitness and combined it with his talent of music and dance. He then created the name and new style of dance, Bar Jamming. Bar jamming is the ability to manipulate dance moves on a portable pull-up. In calisthenics they refer to this as bar dancing or air walking. With all skills involved, the name Acro The Artist couldn’t be more fitting. Acro is currently living in Ventura County working with producer Jekno, out of Oxnard, Ca. You can catch Acro quite often training on the weekends on Venice Beach with his calisthenics team “Bar Boogie”. With all things considered, Acro is ready to impact the world in a positive way with his unique skill and talent. He directly would like to help foster kids by giving them a new outlet to handle stressful situations and life’s troubles. Stay tuned as Acro The Artist continues to impact the entertainment industry and the community one city at a time.


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