Saved By Love is a novel written by Dexter Nunnery- (Published)


Frustration, confusion, and anger filled the heart of Jonathan French as he is separated from his three brothers at a young age as a result of his parents divorce.

The life he lived was that of animosity towards his father for leaving them, and then his mother for sending him away to live with his aunt and uncle, but during this time is when he learns the true meaning of unconditional love.



Split Decisions is a script by Dexter Nunnery- (Pending Project)


Split Decisions is a script based on his novel "Saved By Love" that can be created as a short or full-feature film.


Split Decisions 


Hip Hop Live was created by Dexter Nunnery & James Chambers- (Pending Project)

Hip Hop Live is a new (Live Streaming) show of contestants around the country featured in elements of hip-hop (Dance, MC, DJ, Graffiti Art).

Each element has celebrity judges in that perspective element.

Hip Hop Live

EPK (Entertainment Press Kit) $300

We can create your press kit. At some point an electronic press kit will help boost your image, marketing and brand as an artist. First impressions with journalists and other platforms in the industry is very important. 


Sample Artist EPK

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