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Being from Mississippi, a former student of Jackson State University and having numerous family members in the surrounding cities, when I heard on the news of the water infrastructure crisis, I felt a need to help in any way possible.

Sending pallets of bottled water won’t solve the problem but it will help and it will provide hope and inspiration to those in need, and at the end of the day sometimes that’s all you have.

For every $500 dollars raised, we will send one pallet of water. (That’s 48 cases w/40ct pkg, to be given to 48 individuals.)

I want to personally thank each and every one of you in advance for your contribution and most importantly, your willingness to help another human being get through a tough moment in time.


                                                                     Dexter Nunnery 

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Our first pallet of water is scheduled to arrive in Jackson, Mississippi on Friday September 9th thanks to Travis Mack and The Mack Foundation. Follow them on Instagram to see all the other amazing work they do for students and the community.  

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Our second pallet of water is sponsored by the family of Dr. Leonie Mattison Ed.D.,MBA.   

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