Social Justice


On 5/9/20 Our CEO (Dexter Nunnery) helped  organize a march put together by community organizers (Denise and Deb) of Oxnard in efforts to bring awareness to the killing of Ahmaud Arbery by two white men.

Enough is enough, we must change the law of "Citizens Arrest". No citizen should have the manipulative power to arrest another citizen. Our children future depends on it.


On 8/22/20 our CEO (Dexter Nunnery) and community organizer Jordan Ward put together a panel discussion, "Policing Our People - Protecting our Prophets". 

This panel discussion was moderated by James Joyce III with special testimony from Solomon Rayburn on his encounter with law enforcement. The purpose was to educate our teens on how to handle themselves in the presence of police officers after the killing of George Floyd.


The killing of George Floyd sparked protest and riots across America.

In efforts to set the tone for peace, On 6/3/20 Our CEO (Dexter Nunnery) was asked to be a speaker and help organize a panel discussion in Oxnard, Ca. resulting in the change and transparency of Oxnard Police Department centered around Senate Bill 1421.


Black Crime in America is one of the most mentioned topics lately with the acts of police brutality, rioting, marches and protest.

On 9/18/20 our CEO (Dexter Nunnery) and community organizer Jordan Ward decided to bring the topic of Black Crime to the table and educate America on the act, the cause and some possible solutions. Panelists included Melvin Nunnery, Ross Fontes, Skipp Townsend and RareBreed ( Jaime Gregory) and moderated by James Joyce III